nmc Highlighter for Acrobat

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Apply Redactions in the Cloud: At the bottom of this page, you can upload your PDF file that has been marked for redaction, then download a copy with redactions applied.

This service is for users who have Acrobat Readers DC only, as Acrobat Standard/Pro DC users can directly click the Redact button.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click button Mark for Redaction in Acrobat Reader DC Add-on tool: nmc Highlighter.
  • Save the PDF file by clicking "Save As..." under "File" menu in Acrobat Reader DC.
  • Click button Cloud redact to reach this page, and upload that file.
  • then you will see a download page of the redacted PDF file.
Your files will be purged from the server within five minutes -- both for the security of your information contained in the file, and for reducing server storage load.
Select a PDF file with redaction markings to upload: