Welcome to neoSHRDLU!

Reviving of SHRDLU by NMC

This is a simulation of a robotic arm that can pick up and move block objects around in this virtual toy world. It understands the following text commands:
1) Pick up an object (named b1,b2,...b7), for example
	find b1
	pick up b2
2) Move around (left/right/up/down/back/forward),e.g.
	move 300 to the left
	move forward by 200
	a little more
3) Release an object it holds.
	drop it
	let go

The commands are simple, however the real challenge here is that they are flexible human Natural Language (by typing into a text box) instructions, and they are interpreted by a specially designed Spiking Neural Network which can process symbols and text, intead of doing numerical calculations.

To try it out, close this window and then click the "S" button at the lower left corner.

About directions:
Red axis: (left, right)
Green axis:(up, down)
Blue axis (forward, back/backward)

This toy demo borrowed the javaScript UI front end from this github project by Tom Sgouros.
SHRDLU prefers proper punctuation please.